Jeff Rosen – Board President & Education Task Force Leader

Jeffrey Rosen, Ph.D., has been a Chicago resident for 10 years and a resident of Little Italy for the last 6 years. Originally from New York, Jeff became involved in community issues early in his career working in the New York State Assembly’s Speaker’s Office and as a Research Fellow at the Rockefeller Institute of Government. Jeff’s focus during these years was on issues in primary and secondary education. After leaving New York, Jeff moved onto The Ohio State University to pursue studies in, among other things, sample survey statistics. While at Ohio State, Jeff spent a number of years as researcher at the Center for Survey Research specializing in large probability sample surveys. After arriving in Chicago, Jeff worked in research with the Chicago Public Schools and is currently a Research Scientist at RTI, International a large research and development firm.

In addition to presiding over the board, Jeff heads the C4C Education Task Force.