Beauty in the Viaduct

Connecting4Communities has worked to transform the dark and gloomy Peoria Viaduct into a gorgeous outdoor gallery featuring area artists. Back in 2018, after meeting with Alderman Patrick Thompson, whose 11th ward is where the viaduct is located, C4C spearhead a fundraising campaign with the University Village community. Through monetary donations from residents, local restaurants doing community nights, businesses doing percentage of sales and even a couple of pet portrait events we raised funds.

Local Pilsen Vaulte Gallery owner, Delilah Martinez volunteered to curate the art and we were off and running until Covid stopped us. Finally last October 2020 over an incredibly beautiful weekend 24 artists worked their magic. The viaduct was totally reconstructed prior with new sidewalks, streets and LED lighting with funds from Alderman Thompson’s menu budget so we had the perfect canvas for the artists.

Public art adds enormous value to the cultural, aesthetic and economic vitality of a community. It is now a well accepted principle of urban design that public art contributes to a community’s identity, fosters community pride and a sense of belonging, and enhances the quality of life for its residents and visitors. We encourage you to visit and see for yourself.

A fundraising committee has been formed and we are about to start looking for funds for the Morgan Viaduct. Monetary contributions can be made by contacting