Flowers on Taylor Streeet


Ever since the Godflower on Taylor St. closed however many months ago, I have been wondering if there are any area flower shops.  This time I decided to head west to the Tri-Taylor community and stumbled upon a little place called Accents Flowers & Gifts (2246 W. Taylor).  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this place has been part of the community for a long time!  It opened back in 2000 and has been under the same owner, Daveeno Hines the entire time.

Accents specializes in flower arrangements for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, showers and other special events.  Accents also features home and office decorations as well as outdoor decor such as window boxes and potted plants for home, restaurants and businesses.  The shop itself has fresh flowers delivered three times a week and also offers chocolates, balloons, greeting cards and a small selection of jewelry to personalize your gift.  The store itself is quaint and fully decorated for the holiday season.  The decorations, all for sale, change throughout the year so if you’re in need of something seasonal and don’t want to travel far, try Accents Flowers & Gifts.

Some final thing I appreciated, Accents employs disabled veterans and delivers to all area hospitals as late as midnight if needed.  They also sell plants and offer plant care such as repotting plants and soiling.  They offer delivery 7 days a week, including holidays, so if you’re ever in a pinch and forgot that special day here’s where to call: (312) 357-6040.

In closing, I was happy to know that there’s a flower shop I can rely on for those special occasions in life.  I hope you’ll consider Accents next time you’re planning that special occasion.

Until next time, Annie

Comics Now on Taylor Street


Have you noticed a new storefront on Taylor recently?  First Aid Comics (1142 W. Taylor St.) is one of the newest retail spots to open and is really a pretty cool place!  I should start by saying I know nothing about the comic book world other than the names of a few Superheroes through my children.  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the ambiance when visiting the store recently.  In chatting with Tom Seymour, the owner of First Aid Comics, he was very friendly in guiding a newbie through the stores merchandise and offerings.  This location is the second for First Aid, the first being in Hyde Park.

When you walk in, you immediately notice how organized and thoughtfully laid out the store is.  There are walled sections dedicated to each brand.  You’ll find DC Comics, Indie Comics, Manga, Vertigo Comics, Marvel Comics and an area on Gaming.  There’s also an awesome selection of superhero t-shirts.  From Catwoman and Supergirl to Captain America and Robin and everything in between, there are some seriously cool tees for purchase.  And that’s not all; there’s also a Kids wall!  I reminisced a bit about my own childhood seeing comic covers of Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Garfield, Thunder Cats, Star Wars, The Simpsons and much more.

First Aid hosts weekly events at the store, such as “Friday Night Magic,” which occurs on a national level.  Each Friday, around 6:30pm, gamers are invited to Magic the Gathering cards tournament.  No RSVP necessary; just show up with your cards ready to play!  On a less official scale, Tom added that First Aid also hosts weekly to bi-weekly Dungeons & Dragons games when people are available.  Just give the store a call for more information on either event (312) 733-208.

For those of you collectors out there, First Aid offers a free pull club service in which store employees will pull a copy of the book on your waiting list as soon as it becomes available.  That way you’re sure to get first dibs on new editions.  And do you have any old comics collecting dust? Recently engaged? Downsizing?  Tom said he is always looking for comics to buy and will gladly take them off our hands. Bonus!

In closing, I have to say I’m pretty excited about this new addition to our community.  Even though comic books are not my thing, I now have a cool place to buy gifts for family members who are superhero obsessed.  My nephews and young son may have a Captain America nightlight or Spiderman Christmas stocking in their future.

Until next time, Annie

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Target is Open

Target is Open!

While I realize I am late alerting others to the opening of the new West Loop Target (1101 W. Jackson), I have spent the past two weeks since it opened frequenting the establishment for a full report.  From the outside it is clear; this Target is massive!  When I pulled into the parking lot, which has three entrances and exits for your convenience on either Jackson, Aberdeen or VanBuren, you get a real sense of how much shopping space awaits you on the 2nd floor.  There is also dozens of close parking spots for vehicles with low emissions.  I love this and have parked in one every visit thus far.

When my 3.5 year old son and I first walked into the main entrance he said “wow, look at the windows,” which I was thinking as well.  It’s a lovely span of floor to ceiling two stories of windows that makes you almost feel like you’re still outside.  Then you make you’re way up the escalator or elevator to the 2nd floor and voila you are welcomed to a gleaming, open flow area to get your cart, maybe grab a snack or Starbucks and decide which direction you’re heading.

If you’re like me, you’ll go straight and make your way around the periphery then into the middle isles as needed.  The merchandise is about the same as those in other Targets, but the organization seems much better.  I hope that doesn’t change as time goes on.  I especially enjoyed the clothing area for women, immediately on your left as you walk into the store.  It’s not cluttered and has a great selection of basics for your wardrobe.  The shoe section was also impressive in that all the boxes were in their place and there were employees readily available to help.  Not something I’ve typically experienced in other Targets in the city.  Of course I stopped by the food and produce to check out the selection.  I’m gluten intolerant and am often seeking out places that offer such items.  I am pleased to say that there were gluten free pastas as well as flours here.  I picked up some of each as well as some fruits and veggies.  The pharmacy has a clinic inside, which is a nice one stop shop for minor illnesses or vaccines.  I got my flu shot this year at one of these clinics and it was very convenient.

Overall, I know it’s just another Target store.  But to me, I’m feeling like it’s my Target and I’m happy with the result.  For some of us, this will be also be your Target.  For others living closer to Halsted, you may choose to continue to shop the South Loop one.  As a resident of Little Italy, I can tell you that I am ecstatic to have a Target so close by. You can find me there at least once a week!

Until next time, Annie

Annie Cue, C4C Retail Blogger

Team Annie Cue

Annie Cue has been residing in the Little Italy neighborhood since 2003.  When on a breakfast outing to Sweet Maple Café, she and her husband took a leisurely walk around, loved the feel of the area, saw an open house sign and decided to go for it!  They have never regretted the decision and have since had two children, Sofia 4 and Mateo 3, who also enjoy Taylor St. and all it has to offer.  The family has a love for BOTH Mario’s and Carm’s Italian Ice; why choose when they are both great!  You can often find them at area playgrounds, the Roosevelt library and on evening strolls through Arrigo Park.

Annie is excited to be blogging for C4C on retail in the community.  She tries to frequent local shops and vendors as much as possible with the mindset: buying local helps us all.  Annie spends her free time planning adventures for her family, occasional yoga classes and volunteering at her children’s school events.