Public safety and proactively improving it

Nancy Plax has been very involved in many public safety efforts with the 012th District, and every year works with the District on National Night Out, which is a large, fun annual gathering. This year it will be August 7th at the United Center. A big thank you to Pepsi for providing food, and drinks.

C4C has been the driver of establishing a public safety task force that had its first monthly meeting in March to review criminal activity, and ways to prevent it in our community. It is a separate standing, monthly meeting of the ABLA Working Group, and the task force includes representatives from the Chicago Police Department’s 012th District, the UIC Police, area property managers of large housing developments, representatives from the Chicago Housing Authority, C4C, the ABLA Local Area Council, private security firms, and social service providers under contract with the CHA, and Related Midwest.

The CHA immediately replaced its contracted security firm after the shootings, and homicides occurred at 13th St., and Roosevelt Rd. last month, and the new firm has significantly re-worked how private security is delivered. Commander Chung reported at our meeting this month that all index crimes are down 18% in the 012th District, and down in our community as well. His, and UIC Chief Booker’s leadership, and that of their officers has been exceptional. C4C appreciates being informed of crimes by community members, so if you are a victim of a crime, or know someone who has been, please contact us. Many people in our community have provided invaluable information about crime in our community. Thank you.