High school success, now the real work begins

You probably already know that Mayor Emanuel, and CPS announced a new $70 million public high school for the Near West Side, and committed to working with communities it will serve to help create the school.

A big thank you for the collaborative success of the high school efforts of C4C, the West Central Association, and the West Loop Community Organization goes out to Alderman Jason Ervin, with an assist from Alderman Walter Burnett, as well as the new executive leadership team at CPS. And, of course a thank you to Mayor Emanuel for his leadership in public education.

Despite the sometimes well-justified negativity of reporting on what the Mayor, and CPS have done in public education, the tremendous successes of rising high school graduation rates, the rising academic achievement of CPS students, and the comprehensive public education plan involving City Colleges of Chicago, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Rush University Medical Center, CPS, and other large institutions have not garnered nearly the publicity as have the scandals.

But, the real work is just beginning. You will be hearing much more about this effort, and it will be put through an extensive public engagement process, which is something that C4C did with its Central City High School proposal while Barbara Byrd Bennett was figuring out how to defraud CPS, which caused C4C to shelve its efforts until the mess she created at CPS was cleaned up.