Central City High School update

Not long after our high school meeting in the West Loop, Armando Chacon, President of the West Central Association, and I met with Whitney Young High School Principal, Dr. Joyce Kenner, some of her staff, some Whitney Young LSC members, including the Chair of the LSC, and some local elementary school principals to discuss possibilities for increasing access to quality secondary public education in our community using the Chicago Police Academy site, or other possible options. The meeting was a very productive one with both sides raising a number of valid points, and we agreed to continue further discussions after Dr. Kenner, and the LSC meet to review what was discussed.

The West Central Association, and C4C are forming a committee of people who have school aged children, or skill sets in public education that will assist in our education work. Our first meeting will be toward the end of September. If you have an interest in serving on our committee, please fill out a contact form.