For the past 4 years, Connecting4Communites has honored someone within our C4C community for their outstanding service.  We do this in conjunction with a UIC Community Day basketball game in which WE INVITE YOU, our neighbors, to join in this celebration.

Please join us on Friday, December 30th at 4pm and let’s cheer on the UIC FLAMES men’s basketball team as they play against Valparaiso. Tickets are $5, kids 3 and under are free. They can be purchased at 

The CODE is COMMUNITY. The game is played at the UIC Pavilion at 525 S Racine (at Harrison). You can walk, take the 60 or 8 bus, or drive and park. Parking is usually $5.

This year our honoree will be University Commons resident, Cory Tanzer. Cory has been instrumental in bringing the UIC Athletic teams into our area for 2 Community Day Clean Ups, working closely now with Smyth School in some upcoming endeavors, showing his love for his dog Storm and others pets by getting the Fido to Go food truck to come to our community last summer, organizing the first annual 4th of July dog parade and hosting photo booths for kids and their parents; dogs and their owners for the 4th of July event and Halloween, sponsoring kids movie events and I am sure more to come.

“My involvement in UCNA, is not entirely selfless. I get a unique satisfaction from giving back to my community. There are shared benefits and responsibilities when you are part of a community. Service is important to both the person who serves as well as the recipients. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and evolve. A community that is connected, is a healthy, safe and happy place to live.”

Previous honorees have been the late Joe Esposito for his unending devotion “to make this the best community in the country”, Dr. Ron Whitmore, principal of Smyth School, Dr. Michelle Fennessy, who spearheaded the cleanup of our viaducts and Mary Vega, our CAPS representative.

We are proud to add Cory Tanzer to this accomplished list of recipients. Please join us at the game to honor him and let’s all support our UIC athletes.