A great mentoring relationship is born

I have always loved the fact that we live in the UIC Community and now I have some great news to share with you about the relationship between the UIC Police Department and 25 2nd to 5th grade students at the John M Smyth Elementary School.
Late  August, several members of the University of Illinois at Chicago Police Department (UICPD) hosted a bus trip to the Brookfield Zoo for some students from the Smyth Elementary school. These students are part of a newly created mentoring/tutoring program created by UICPD. The ultimate goal is to help these students understand the importance of reading and comprehension, along with becoming people who can be looked up to. Below is a brief description of how it helps both the mentor and mentee.
Mentoring is most often defined as a relationship in which an experienced person (mentor) assists another (mentee) in the development of specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced grow. There are benefits to both the mentor and mentee. Mentors may gain the following benefits:
• Personal sense of reward for developing another person.
• Paving the way for others, thereby leaving a positive legacy.
• A reputation as a valuable member to the community and the respect of colleagues.
Benefits to the mentee:
• An increased likelihood for success; mentors help the mentee gain competency and avoid failure.
• Assistance in setting goals and charting their career paths.
• Help in avoiding pitfalls and learning through real-life examples.
• A boost of self-confidence resulting from a positive relationship with a mentor.
In late September, the mentors conducted a bike safety program for these students at the UIC police department in the parking lot. They provided helmets, and trained them in the laws that relate to the bicyclist. They also had them complete some cones drills to help them with their balance and bike skills.

This is an ongoing mentoring program and we salute UIC Chief of Police Kevin Booker and the UIC Police mentors. We are so proud to have you in our community.