We’re back again! Cheering Station for Chicago Marathon


Come join us at our 4th annual C4C

Cheering Station for the Chicago Marathon!

Sunday, October 11th

8:15 am to 1 p.m.

Taylor and Morgan

DJ Rupert Medina will be back again! Great music to pump up the runners and all of us as we cheer  them on.  This is at mile 17 of the race and many runners are hitting the wall at this point.  They are loosing their energy.   Our energy helps their energy. HUGE THANKS TO OUR “DJ ANGELS”  Dr. Michelle Fennessy, Fennessy & Associates Consulting and the University Commons Neighborhood Association for their generous contribution to make this happen.

Please plan on coming out and joining in the fun! There is plenty of space, the street is wider there and we will all have a blast.

Cheer on your family, friends, neighbors and all of the 45,000 runners. Let them know that we care about them!

See you on the 11th!!!