As we all know the men and women paramedics and firefighters are always there to rescue us. Now they too have been rescued.

This note is to the wonderful staff and management of the South Loop Home Depot who were so very kind to come out and help beautify our local Engine 18 firehouse at Blue Island and Racine.
As neighbors and community members we have watched over time how sad-looking the landscaping around the firehouse had become. Numerous calls and head scratching as to why this happened were unanswered.
This firehouse draws folks from all over to come and visit due to the NBC Chicago Fire being filmed there. Just last Saturday, in a period of 1 hour, I met folks from Australia, Kentucky and a group in town for a bowling tournament. A sightseeing bus also drove past and stopped. The guys in the firehouse are very welcoming and if they are not busy are gracious enough to show the visitors around. It really leaves a lasting impression on them.
We still have our work cut out for us to see what we can do about all the neglected rose bushes around the perimeter of the fencing, but you have provided the lift that was so desperately needed.
NOW, we can feel good about the landscaping in front of the station because of your generous donation of both materials and labor. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful community partner.