City of Chicago and railroads agree to viaduct repairs

Connecting4Communities has worked closely with University Commons resident and public health expert, Dr. Michelle Fennessey, and Patrick Daley Thompson, candidate for 11th Ward Alderman, to successfully convince the Emanuel administration and rail roads that own viaduct infrastructure in our community along 16th Street and elsewhere in Chicago to agree to repair it. Mr. Thompson organized a tour of Chicago viaducts that took place a few weeks ago for a small group of community residents with Congressman Dan Lipinski and some rail road executives. We were joined on the tour by Chicago Sun Times columnist and reporter, Mary Mitchell, who wrote a follow up piece in the Sunday, March 20th edition that outlines the plan to repair this infrastructure. We thank both Ms. Fennessey and Mr. Thompson for all of their diligent work to get this issue resolved and we look forward to more brightly lighted, clean and repaired viaducts that are such important gateways between our community and Pilsen.