Roosevelt Square Master Planning Meeting and School Update

Please plan to attend the Wednesday, March 18th Roosevelt Square master planning meeting. Details here.

Part of C4C’s successful negotiation to get the CHA to procure master planning services for Roosevelt Square was the threat of a federal law suit we communicated to CHA and the Mayor’s office. This was no idle threat as we had a very skilled federal district court litigator working pro bono analyzing the case we wanted to make.

If you haven’t read our Roosevelt Square Brief, please take a look at it if you have time before the master planning meeting. There is increasingly more evidence becoming available that concentrated poverty is harmful to people and their communities and our community has substantial concentrated poverty. In the future, C4C will be providing you with some of this evidence. What is not in question is that the social service delivery in Roosevelt Square is fragmented and public education planning was non-existent for our community when Roosevelt Square was being planned.

Smyth School’s leadership, the UIC College of Education and C4C are working with CPS to transform Smyth into a UIC Lab School. We would like to see bold, innovative action from CPS on this because bold innovation is needed to remedy the harm done by poor institutional public education planning in our community that led to socioeconomic and racial segregation of children in our community’s only remaining neighborhood public elementary school in complete contradiction to the spirit and intent of HUD’s HOPE VI program and federal legislation. If Smyth School does not have circumstances that justify a lab school model, then what school does?