Robbed at gun point while CHA mismanages Brooks Homes

Please be careful. Our community has been victimized by armed robbers recently. Ten days ago, on January 16th, a female UIC student was held up at gun point at 9:30 a.m. at 1100 W. Polk St. This past weekend, on January 24th at 1:30 p.m., a neighborhood 15 and 16 year old were held up at gun point at 910 S. Aberdeen. Both locations are near Sheridan Park.

Chicago Police arrested a 21 and 20 year old for the Jan. 24th armed robbery who both gave CHA Brooks Homes addresses for their residences on the 1300 block of West Hastings and the 1300 block of West 14th Street.

The Chicago Housing Authority has been irresponsible in managing the Brooks Homes by continuing to renew a contract for a company that has a 15 year, well-documented history of ineffective property management. This harms the many good people who live in Brooks and our broader community because it makes it less likely that Roosevelt Square will be successfully completed.

Fortunately, our community enjoys the incredibly professional and effective police services of both the 012th District, lead by Commander Melissa Staples, and the UIC Police Department, lead by Chief Kevin Booker. On 12 Jan 15 at 8:21 p.m., the UICPD/CPD Joint Robbery Task Force arrested a wanted armed robbery suspect. The suspect was positively identified by 2 victims as the person who took their monies, food and cell phones, while at gunpoint. The victims, who were delivery drivers for local fast food establishments, were called to a certain location near the north/west end of the UIC community, and upon arriving, were robbed of their property by the offender. This offender is also a suspect in several other robberies in the area, or nearby, that are still being investigated. The offender was subsequently charged with 2 counts of Armed Robbery and is currently in the custody of Cook County Department of corrections. All incidents were reported to Chicago Police and none of the victims, nor the offender, are UIC affiliated. Both victims were unharmed in both incidents.