Important public education research

Important public education research. Take the survey!

C4C’s work in our community has attracted interest from university faculty and doctoral students in education, urban planning and social services, from both the UIC and the University of Chicago,  who not only want to conduct research in our community, but who desire that their research be useful to the community in which it is conducted and other communities, where applicable.


Dr. Micere Keels from the University of Chicago is working with local community groups to better understand what is needed to make our community better for families with children. Please take 10-15 minutes to tell us your experiences, needs, and thoughts.   The results will be reported back to residents and stakeholders, and used for future planning.

This survey is completely anonymous and your participation is voluntary.

Please go to   to complete the survey.

SPREAD THE WORD: Tell your neighbors to go to  to give their input.

We are grateful for Professor Keels and her University of Chicago students who are helping conduct this research.