Please help us get Chicago viaducts cleaned up

A resident of University Commons recently started a petition to Mayor Emanuel on requesting that City of Chicago clean up the filthy viaducts in Chicago. The viaducts, for example, under the rail road tracks at 16th Street which connect our community to Pilsen are frequently filled with unsanitary and unhealthy pigeon droppings, often many inches thick, broken glass, discarded tires and other garbage. C4C sent her concerns to a number of people at the City and the viaducts were pressure-washed last week. However, we would like to emphasize to the Emanuel Administration that these cleaning efforts have to be regularly scheduled and ongoing.

We hope you will please sign the petition. Clean Chicago’s viaducts petition.

The activist efforts by University Commons residents to have our viaducts cleaned have received very positive news coverage as have their engagement to raise money for Smyth School. Many University Commons residents have consistently engaged in efforts to help Smyth. Their sense of civic activism is appreciated and recognized.

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University Commons Chalk Drawing Festival raises money for Smyth School.