Come to UIC to hear about the Reconstruction of the Circle Interchange on Tuesday the 12th

On Tuesday Nov. 12th a 3:00  John Baczek, Project & Environmental Studies Section Chief
Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)   at the Great Cities Institute, UIC.
412 South Peoria Street  Suite 400, CUPPA Hall
For more information check the Facebook event page.
The Circle Interchange was designed over 60 years ago and is now one of the most congested interchanges in the nation. In this talk we will hear about the challenges of redesigning this highly-urban, confined interchange that is vital to the freight trucking industry and the nexus of all automobile traffic through Chicago.
John has been employed with the Illinois Department of Transportation since 1992 after receiving his Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Bradley University. He has worked in construction, design and planning (Bureau of Programming) and is currently the Project and Environmental Studies Section Chief.  He oversees the Department’s planning staff performing preliminary engineering and environmental studies (Phase I) in the six county Chicago metropolitan area. In addition, he helped manage the development of a Phase I study for the $475 million reconstruction of the Circle Interchange.