Proposed new business for Taylor Street

Mike Sharma has been working for months to open a store at 1455 W. Taylor Street to sell craft beer along with premium wine and spirits. The retail space of this building has been vacant for nearly one year after LA Tan vacated the space without notice in the middle of one night last November. The landlord has been trying to lease it ever since. Other than Mr. Sharma’s proposal, none of the other prospective proposals to occupy this space have been acceptable because they were bars or convenience stores.

Mr. Sharma is married with a family and owns a similar store in Rosemont that has been very successful. He proposes to tailor this store to our community. Please see the attached Powerpoint for Town Hall OCT 30 that Mr. Sharma and the building owner will deliver at a community meeting this evening sponsored by Alderman Jason Ervin at STEM Magnet Academy at 6:00 p.m. The presentation contains a letter from Mr. Sharma’s attorney addressed to Alderman Ervin that outlines what Mr. Sharma will not sell at his proposed store.

We believe Mr. Sharma deserves a fair community hearing. He has been straightforward in his negotiations with our community as has the building owner.