Healthy Eating and Tomatoes with Marcy Newberry Center and Maxwell Street Community Garden

Marcy Newberry kids enjoying a variety of fruits

Marcy Newberry kids enjoying a variety of fruits

Janet Cornelius, a gardener with Maxwell Street Community Garden, wanted to make sure the children at nearby Marcy Newberry Center had a chance to learn about and be active in the garden from the start. Along with support from C4C’s Nancy Plax, Janet put together a spring break camp for about 50 kids. At each of the three classes they learned something new about gardening and healthy eating. They had a chance to try a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, some that became new favorites. The kids also made their own tomato plant teepees and started tomato seedlings. The culminating event took place at the beginning of the summer when the children along with other garden volunteers planted the seedlings at Maxwell Street Community Garden.

Making Tomato Teepees

Creating Tomato Plant Seedlings

Unfortunately, Marcy Newberry Center closed this summer but the tomato plants are still being cared for and the children are still encouraged to participate in the garden whenever possible. If you have a group of children who would like to be involved in the garden please contact We have a children’s garden for them to explore and have space for any special projects that groups would like to take on.

Planting Tomato Seedlings at the garden