Scafuri Bakery on Taylor Street has re-opened

Scafuri Bakery on Taylor Street has reopened after a five-year hiatus. They’re back and better than ever. Their new store is much nicer inside and vintage, black and white Italian movies play on a television screen in an upper corner of the bakery. It’s a charming space and atmosphere and a business welcome and needed in our community.

Neighborhood bakeries are closing and it seems that only the chain and supermarket variety remain. Our area seems to have reversed the trend as the Scafuri bakery has re-opened after temporarily closing. Scafuri Bakery was in Little Italy before it was called Little Italy. They started in 1904. Their pastry chef will make cakes to order for special occasions.

Scarfuri2Pastries, doughnuts, cookies, coffee and yogurt parfait.

Hours: 6am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday. Closed on Mondays.

1337 W. Taylor St. Chicago, Il 60607