Free day of academic enrichment at UIC for 6-12th grade students….apply now!

 On June 24, 2013, from  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM a workshop for young people interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences…
The Urban Health and Diversity Programs office is accepting applications for its 6-12th grade Summer Public Health Science Institute (SPHSI) at UIC SPH. Below is the program description. To obtain an application, visit
The purpose of the SPHSI is to:
• Provide academic enrichment for mathematics, reading, writing, science, standardized test-taking strategies, social development/enhancement skills, field trips and research
• Increase awareness of public health, its relevance to society and its career paths
• Better prepare students for entry into health professions schools
• Improve test taking skills
• Prepare and motivate students to take competitive courses such as Honors and AP
• Provide workshops on how to compete for best scholarship offers; the cost of college education; time management; general financial aid; how to integrate interest in sports with excellent academic performance; visit public health sites and local area hospitals
• Provide opportunities for students to interact with public health professionals and public health graduate students
• Provide opportunities for rising 12th grade students to participate in public health research
Additional Highlights:
• Workshops on transiting from eighth grade to high school
• Opportunity to earn Service/Service Learning Hours
• Opportunity to fulfill 12th grade Senior Project Requirement
• Opportunity to earn high school enrichment hours
• Must be enrolling in grades 6-12 in fall 2013
• Must have a minimum GPA of 2.50(Ct) at the end of the current (2012-13) school year
• Must be interested in pursuing a career in health professions.