Maxwell Street Market

Maxwell Street MarketThe Maxwell St Market was one of Chicago’s most alternative business and residential districts. It was a place where businesses grew selling simple and everyday needs. A diverse range of vendors were out making a supplementary income, people loved great buys and a great ambiance existed. That was the past and unfortunately, over time the market lost its glory days.

Located now on Des Plaines and Roosevelt, the Maxwell Street Market vendors are currently reassessing their status of revamping the market. Due to its indistinguishable state, it is suffering from the financial burdens placed by the city. Chicago has imposed unfair and unreasonable policies on vendors including expensive insurance rates with no coverage on damaged goods, general vending fees and workers compensation insurance. The vendors don’t currently have a lot of business and would be taking a loss with these fees for one day. The visibility of the market is a failure and requires new innovative methods. We would like to initiate awareness, connectivity and diversity between the general public and Maxwell Street. Potential ideas for attraction, structure, and expansion of the market’s elements would be a start to revitalizing business.

What does the market mean to you?

By Benito Garcia (former C4C intern)

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