Circle Interchange Project Approved by Governor Quinn

Circle_MapThe Circle interchange is a massive element of our area. It will shock few of our residents that it is also the most congested interchange in the U.S.A. iDOT and USDOT have been planning for several years to upgrade and improve the interchange. The public consultation process is in its final stage with the C4C executive director attending all the public meeting. Several improvements have resulted form this dialogue but we’re pushing for further design and aesthetic changes to mitigate the effect it has on our community.

See the Circle project website to find out more.

Here is an excerpt from Governor Quinn’s eNewsletter…

Circle Interchange Reconstruction to Create Thousands of Jobs

On March 14, Governor Pat Quinn directed the Illinois Department of Transportation to accelerate a $420 million project that will reconstruct Chicago’s famed Circle Interchange, improving traffic flow in the most congested interchange in the nation. This landmark project will create thousands of jobs for Illinois citizens and bring economic growth to our state.