Schools Update (3/20/2013)

The past three months have been particularly busy ones in C4C’s efforts to obtain a new high school which we are calling by the working name, Central City High School.  Our Central City High School Proposal Executive Summary provides a sound rationale and data to support why we need a new high school. Our Central City High School Proposal contains the details of our proposed innovative model and demographic data which provides additional support for this model.

We recently met with some members of the Chicago City Council to outline our proposal and seven Aldermen signed a Central City High School City Council letter. We are also presenting our proposal to the Local School Council’s of the seven proposed feeder elementary schools in our community area and expect to complete these presentations in March. We will then convene a meeting of our C4C Public Education Task Force to discuss all of the feedback we have collected. After that, we will schedule some larger community meetings to gather additional feedback.

We want to fully understand and consider, to the best of our ability, questions, ideas and concerns regarding this proposed innovative model. So far, the questions, ideas and concerns we have received have been very thoughtful. We have also received almost uniformly positive feedback and many offers to support this effort. After we put in some additional effort, we will be reaching out to parents and other community residents to help advance this effort to a successful completion. There is much work to complete but we have made significant, positive progress in the past fifteen months.