You are invited to the Keepin’ it Real Forum on Identity Theft

CAPS LOGO 01Last Saturday I attended the Keepin’ it Real Forum on Burglaries.  What an amazing time to be sitting in front of 5 offenders telling us what they did to steal our possessions right out of our homes or cars.

Okay you missed it…but don’t miss the upcoming Keepin’ it Real Forum on Identity Theft!

This Keepin’ it Real Forum is a partnership between the Chicago Police Department and the Safer Foundation that connects youth and their guardians with correctional facilities inmates for the purpose of providing the “real” story on inmate life and the pitfalls that parent and youth can avoid.  Hear the ‘real story’ from offenders who stole identities and spend the money they gained illegally.  These thieves have been found guilty of Identity theft by a Judge and/or Jury.

Keepin’ it Real is an educational series whereby offenders dealing with a specific type of crime share their stories as part of their community service hours in hopes of helping the general community be better informed and prepared.

Please save the date.

April 27th, 2013

10 am to 11 am

12th District Station, Community Room, 1412 S. Blue Island

For more information, contact the 12th District Community Policing Office at 312.746.8306