Your C4C blogger, Wendy Neuert

Wendy Paris RiverWendy Neuert has lived in the community for 9 years, three spent living above the new Coffee Alley on Taylor Street and the last six as an original owner in University Commons. Wendy and her husband Sean love riding their bikes, exploring the city, discovering new restaurants, and spending time outside. Raised in Minnesota, Wendy made her way to Chicago after spending six years in Milwaukee for school and work. Chicago is now her home and she hopes to keep it that way. Wendy is the director of ongoing programs at Chicago Cares where she has spent 8 years building volunteer experiences and learning about how to best meet the needs of the city.

Wendy writes about environmentally-focused events, issues, and opportunities in the community. If you have an idea you’d like researched or featured please post a comment with the information on any of Wendy’s blog posts.