Celebrate Women’s History month with tea at the Hull House on the UIC campus

In honor of International Women’s Day and women’s history month, come have a cup of tea in Jane Addams’ bedroom.  Artist and scholar Teri  Kapsalis partnered with pharmacists and forensic experts at UIC to test the pills in Jane Adam’s  medicine kit.  The result is an essay,  involving   scientific investigation and a  a meditation on rest and restlessness, antagonism and peace, domesticity and social-justice, and medicine and poison.   UIC invites you to come during regular museum hours to see the artifact and read the label, or to take part in a special experience at the museum. For a limited time, the museum staff will bring you a cup of herbal tea while you sit in Jane Addams’ bedroom and read the essay. This experience is available most Sundays in March from 12:00-3:00 PM.

More about the experience:  The Jane Addams Hull-House Museum’s Alternative Labeling project seeks to challenge the objective, matter-of-fact way that museums usually present information about an object. We wonder, can a museum label sensually engage us, inspire revolution and reform, or provide pleasure and comfort? Could a label be a poem, an essay, or piece of music? We present diverse voices to engage with these questions and encourage visitors to view history and museums from a fresh perspective.

What an array of experiences we can take advantage of as neighbors of UIC… tea anyone?

Barbara Risman, UIC professor and neighbor

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