New Eco-Friendly Play Space Opened in the South Loop

You are an eco-savvy parent and you have a toddler or preschooler eager to checkout a new play territory, then head to the newly opened eco- friendly play place, Sod Room!

Housed in the historic Buick Building, in the South Loop, Sod Room is the new hot spot for green-minded parents and their little explorers seeking new indoor fun. Furnished with state of the art sustainable play equipment, the Sod Room is a magical green place for both parents and children.Founded by husband and wife, Abdón and Cynthia Valenciana, Sod Room’s mission is to create a green space for children to play but also to bring the resources and education that parents need as they embark on the journey to eco-friendly living a little closer to home. Sod Room walks its “green” talk by offering a sunny, spacious, and tastefully decorated play space where children can run, roam, build and explore on sustainable play equipment.

This place is unique, as Kelly Aiglon, a Red Tricycle online site reporter writes: “At the entrance, there are storage cubbies made from repurposed milk crates and a front desk fashioned from more than 450 recycled books. Even the train table was created from an old shipping crate.”

Watch your green explorer dash down the slide, hike the climbing wall, get lost in the two-story wooden tree house or pump on the low hanging swing while you relax and twit with other moms. Discover what your preschooler can build with those colored wine corks on a pegboard wall. See your child’s imagination grow while playing with all those wooden toys! And if your tireless camper gets camp-tired he /she can crash on a giant grass pillow, a handcrafted tufted fabric perch that looks like a bean bag.

While visiting Sod Room just think about the benefits of this place: your child plays safe and “green”, you are good to Mother Earth, and most importantly, you are educating your off springs early on to become eco-savvy individuals.

Play safe, play green, and check out the Sod Room at

By Maria Gueret