We aren’t too proud to ask…neighbor can you spare some time???


C4C is a year old! Everything that we have accomplished has been through people volunteering their time. We are all volunteers. In order for us to continue to grow and build a stronger community organization we need more of you to help.

Our website blogging is a wonderful way to build a vibrant, strong and effective community. We can all stay in4med about where we live. Specifically, we need local residents to post a wide range of news articles and information about hidden gems in food, retail, activities, kids, schools, local parks, churches and what else might come to mind and be of interest.

We also want to highlight the 4 community areas in which we reside. An AREA INTEREST Team for each of our communities is ideal and then we would like to see some posts about interesting neighbors, historic background on your community, what is going on, etc. That way we all get to know more about where we call home.

If either of these are of interest to you, please contact me at nancyplax@connecting4communities.org. I would be happy to help you with ideas!

We are also working on a putting together a Public Education Task Force that will work to obatin guaranteed access to high quality public secondary education in our area. If you want to know more about this initiative and want to get involved please contact dennisoneill@connecting4communities.org. There will be many, many areas where we will need your help. You don’t need to have school aged children or soon to be, to know how important a great school is to make a community and even better place to live.

So your help is needed and we are not too proud to ask.

We will only get stronger as a community organization if we can get more of you to help us. Please think about it as we won’t be asking for a lot of your time.