5 Things to Do with Your Kids This Weekend in Our Neighborhood

Very often my weekends are spent bringing my children to various kids’ activities around town and last- minute weekend shopping. Does that sound familiar? How about you decide to spend your weekend right here in our neighborhood?! No traffic jam, no long cashier lines, no crowds.

While asking myself what I can do with my kids this weekend right here in Little Italy, I came up with this unpretentious but engaging to-do list:

  1. Go to the Park! It is officially winter, yet these days we get spoiled by 40 degrees temperatures, that are ideal for play at the park. Why not? Bundle up your kids with scarves, mittens and hats and visit the nearby park. If we are really lucky to get snow, then your park visit might be even more magical. Sledding down the Garibaldi Park hills, building snowmen, making snow angels and playing snowball fight is what my kids love to do on a snowy day at the park.
  2. Meet your neighbors. Schedule a play date for your children and your neighbors’ children. Add a twist to your play date- invite your neighbors’ kids and bake cookies, make a winter or Valentine’s Day craft, etc.
  3. Build a bird feeder and set it out in front of your home. Then, watch the birds and you will be surprised to find out how many different species “co-live” with us in our neighborhood. This is a great opportunity for children to learn kindness toward animals. My kids’ favorite species are the red cardinals, who often visit our yard. Learn how to make a birdfeeder with your children here: http://www.ehow.com/how_7274286_make-bird-feeder-children.html
  4. Explore Taylor Street cafés. My children love to dine at Sweet Maple Café and Stax. Recently, I treated my children to a cupcake at “Flirty Cupcakes” on Taylor, where they each ate a cupcake named “Curious George”.
  5. Visit the Roosevelt Branch Library: there you can find a book for everyone in your family. From science, comics, board books to poems, the book selection in the kid’s department (2nd floor) can accommodate book interest of infants to 18 years-olds.

Have fun right here -in your neighborhood!