Public Education Task Force Meeting (January 13, 6:30 p.m.)

Happy New Year!!!!

Connecting4Communities intends to make 2013 a year of positive growth for our organization, our community and our public schools. As President of C4C, and one who cares deeply about public education and access to it for all residents of our community area, I agreed to chair the C4C Public Education Task Force and to keep you informed about our work in this area.

At the end of October I posted an update on our efforts: Since then we have accomplished much despite our initial efforts in forming the C4C Public Education Task Force getting sidelined by the CTU strike, the school action plan controversy, extensive professional development and testing at CPS for principals that took place during the summer break, and some additional groundwork that C4C needed to accomplish.

The core values of C4C are to operate with transparency, integrity and in a community participatory manner to engage all of the talented people in our area who wish to contribute to making our community one of the most exciting in Chicago. Please take a moment to review our Central City High School Proposal Executive Summary, our Public Education Task Force Presentation UC Jan 2012, and our Smyth Demographic Detail

We will be hosting a meeting for parents at University Commons next Sunday, January 13th at 6:30 p.m. in the 4th Floor party room which has a spectacular view of the beautiful Chicago skyline. Our agenda C4C Public Education Task Force Meeting Agenda is a tight, efficient and impactful one and if you would like to attend we require that you R.S.V.P to our executive director so we may adequately prepare handouts for all adult attendees. Of course, children are welcome to attend with you but please just let us know how many you will bring.