The Journey of Howard Moore


It’s fun to say around UIC, so I’ll say it again…8-1.

Howard Moore Head Coach

That’s the record of the UIC men’s basketball team lead by Coach Howard Moore. It has been an awesome start to the season and something that the University and Community can use to rally around. But this post isn’t about getting people to the Pavilion to see these guys play, its about the journey that relates to this community: the journey of Howard Moore.

Howard Moore came home to coach for UIC. While he played at Wisconsin and coached all over the midwest, he was always a Chicago kid that wanted to come home and be part of the community that he grew up in. And his opportunity at UIC fell right in his old back yard.

Howard grew up in “the Village” right off the corner of Racine and Maxwell. He knew this area and the UIC campus like the back of his hand. This was his home and where his journey started; more importantly, it is what drives him now. One of Howard’s biggest passions is being out in the community. It is why you constantly see the men’s team working with the Marcy Newberry Association, its why you see the coaches going to schools in the area, its why you see thousands of inner city groups brought to the Pavilion to enjoy a UIC game each and every year.

This is Howard’s home and he is proud of it. He was a kid from the neighborhood that went on to play college basketball and found passion in teaching his lessons to college athletes. And the success is starting to trickle down and count for victories on the court. 8-1 has a nice ring to it.

There are starting to be a lot of articles on Howard and his rise to success, but here is one that highlights the career change that he went through to get to UIC: