Meet Michael Carroll, Safety Interest Group Leader


Michael Carroll is a father, husband, volunteer, and an active member of his community.

Michael graduated from Fairfield University in Connecticut, where he received a double major in Political Science and Religious Studies. In pursuit of these degrees, Michael studied Arabic at the University of Chicago, and lived abroad in Tokyo, Japan, where he focused his attention on Japanese religion, culture, and language. Additionally, Michael was educated in Israel, where he centered his studies upon the relationships among those who profess a belief in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity throughout history, especially in modern-day Israel.

During Michael’s time at Fairfield, he made volunteering a major part of his life. He taught ESL to immigrants, worked locally with Habitat for Humanity, and traveled abroad to Haiti to work as a Mission Volunteer. These experiences helped cement his commitment to civic pride and social responsibility.

Upon graduation, Michael was accepted into the Peace Corps and served both his country and our broader community as an education volunteer in Morocco. After his time with the Peace Corps, Michael worked with the Human Development Foundation, living with and working alongside devastatingly poor families in the slums of Bangkok, Thailand. While there, Michael worked with the large number of adults and children living and suffering from HIV/AIDS, focusing much of his efforts at the center’s AIDS hospice and orphanage.

Michael’s sense of service brought him back to Chicago, where he applied to the Chicago Police Academy. Proud to be a Chicago Police Officer since 2003, Michael is now a decorated member of the department and works each day to ensure the safety and security of the citizens and taxpayers of Chicago.