Karen Trine – Roosevelt Square Area Team Leader

Karen Trine and her husband moved into Roosevelt Square in 2007 and her family has since grown to include daughters Amina and Hazel.  She’s a high school chemistry teacher at Lane Tech College Prep and would love to see a similar caliber public high school available in the community soon.  Her initial teaching and community outreach experience came during her first tour of service with the US Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  While in Burkina, she met and married her husband Mathew before traveling together to China together to complete a second tour with the US Peace Corps in the western province of Sichuan.

Since moving back to Chicago, Karen’s enjoyed living in the neighborhood because of the diverse collection of people and activities.  Whether it’s rooting on the Flames at a UIC softball game, singing songs with Miss Jenna at library kids classes, petting iguanas at Reptile Fest or checking out the latest new restaurant on Taylor Street, there’s always something fun to do close to home.

Of the neighbors that Karen is now fortunate enough to call friends, most have been met either in the parks with her children or at Holy Family Church.  She’s looking forward to broadening her circle of friends in the neighborhood and hopes to hear from many different voices in the community as C4C’s Roosevelt Square blogger.