UIC Theater “Dying for It” will make you laugh out loud while you wonder what life is all about

UIC theaterI’ve lived in this neighborhood and taught at UIC since 2006 and I’ve never before discovered UIC theater, right on Harrison, near the corner of Morgan. That’s not really true, it’s across the street from my office, I’ve seen the sign every day for years, just never thought about going in. I go all over this town to see theater, and here is one right on my own campus and in our neighborhood.

It’s worth discovering. The current show “dying for it” plays one more weekend. Go see it. It is a raucous adaptation of the celebrated Russian farce *The Suicide* by Nicolai Erdman. It was banned by Stalin before a single performance, a brilliant and penetrating satire about an unemployed man who contemplates suicide asks ‘why do we live? And it’s a laugh out loud comedy, believe it or not. With an enthusiastic energetic cast that far surpasses many of the off off Loop companies in this city.

And why not end the evening listening to jazz and having a cocktail on Taylor Street? We did just that and had a fabulous evening without leaving the neighborhood. Learn more or buy tickets at The UIC Department of Theater & Music or call 312 996-3991.

Watch out for our neighborhood C4C event at UIC theatre, special deals and a time to see some theater with your neighbors.