Our first Halloween at C4C

Halloween is a wonderful time in our neighborhoods.

89 families opened up their homes for the annual Halloween walk in Little Italy. With maps in hand, the kids know exactly where to go for their candy treats. In University Village the residents of Emerald Street start their Halloween evening off with a costume parade followed by a lot of door knocking and screams of trick or treat! At University Commons the kids club rocked their party in the gym at the Marcy Newberry Association the Sunday before Halloween. 200 folks enjoyed a DJ, Face Painter and Photographer (who are also UC residents) in a beautifully decorated gym that turned basketball hoops in ghosts. The night of Halloween all 6 buildings gave out orange tags for residents to hang on their door to signify that they were ready for all the kids to come by for treats. The halls were filled with Spider-Man, SWAT teams, ladybugs and princesses. The parents too looked darn good in their costumes. Tri-Taylor, Roosevelt Square, the Brooks Homes and Barbara Jean Wright Courts also enjoyed their neighborhood kids and their costumes. UVLofts held a pumpkin carving social and the pumpkins were displayed in their lobbies. They also  had a door decorating contest and on Halloween there was plenty of candy in their lobbies to be given out to the kiddos.

C4C plans to start a Family Interest group to bring all our sub-communities together to get to know one another. Our website will have a post soon.