Target is Open

Target is Open!

While I realize I am late alerting others to the opening of the new West Loop Target (1101 W. Jackson), I have spent the past two weeks since it opened frequenting the establishment for a full report.  From the outside it is clear; this Target is massive!  When I pulled into the parking lot, which has three entrances and exits for your convenience on either Jackson, Aberdeen or VanBuren, you get a real sense of how much shopping space awaits you on the 2nd floor.  There is also dozens of close parking spots for vehicles with low emissions.  I love this and have parked in one every visit thus far.

When my 3.5 year old son and I first walked into the main entrance he said “wow, look at the windows,” which I was thinking as well.  It’s a lovely span of floor to ceiling two stories of windows that makes you almost feel like you’re still outside.  Then you make you’re way up the escalator or elevator to the 2nd floor and voila you are welcomed to a gleaming, open flow area to get your cart, maybe grab a snack or Starbucks and decide which direction you’re heading.

If you’re like me, you’ll go straight and make your way around the periphery then into the middle isles as needed.  The merchandise is about the same as those in other Targets, but the organization seems much better.  I hope that doesn’t change as time goes on.  I especially enjoyed the clothing area for women, immediately on your left as you walk into the store.  It’s not cluttered and has a great selection of basics for your wardrobe.  The shoe section was also impressive in that all the boxes were in their place and there were employees readily available to help.  Not something I’ve typically experienced in other Targets in the city.  Of course I stopped by the food and produce to check out the selection.  I’m gluten intolerant and am often seeking out places that offer such items.  I am pleased to say that there were gluten free pastas as well as flours here.  I picked up some of each as well as some fruits and veggies.  The pharmacy has a clinic inside, which is a nice one stop shop for minor illnesses or vaccines.  I got my flu shot this year at one of these clinics and it was very convenient.

Overall, I know it’s just another Target store.  But to me, I’m feeling like it’s my Target and I’m happy with the result.  For some of us, this will be also be your Target.  For others living closer to Halsted, you may choose to continue to shop the South Loop one.  As a resident of Little Italy, I can tell you that I am ecstatic to have a Target so close by. You can find me there at least once a week!

Until next time, Annie