Pop Up ART on Maxwell Street on Thursday!

UIC  has a new SOCIAL JUSTICE INiTIATIVE. One of it’s goals is to create engagement between the university and the community.  That’s us.  On this Thursday from 5:00- 7:30 there will be the opening of a space for pop-up art on 729 Maxwell Street.    Here’s a fabulous event  and arts space in our   community.  There will be a photo exhibit  titled   What is a Life Worth?   It is a photo collage of community based struggles around education, health care, labor, immigration, food justice, and housing in Chicago over the past five years.  The photographer is a UIC student  Sarah Jane Rhee, and the exhibit designer is a Visiting Scholar at the new Social Justice Institute.

How cool,  a pop up art space in our neighborhood, and sponsored by UIC….  This is what makes living in a university community so exciting.  See you there!