Rosebud on Taylor

My first visit to The Rosebud restaurant on Taylor Street was while I was in Junior High School.  This was one of the times when I went to work with my dad as a kid.  On the schedule for the day was a lunch meeting at The Rosebud.  During lunch, the maitre’d brought a phone along with a pad of paper and pen over to the table because my dad’s friend and colleague had  a phone call.  I was beyond impressed that our lunch date was important enough that the staff at the restaurant addressed him by name and that he actually got a phone call at a restaurant.  It seemed to me that there were lots of important people eating lunch at The Rosebud that day.  The wood paneling, the white tablecloths, the crowded room full of suits and handshakes, and the attentive service really left an impression on me.

Very little has changed at The Rosebud on Taylor in only the best ways.  The white tablecloths are just as neat and freshly starched, the wood paneling has not lost its lustre, and the service has not missed a beat.  The Rosebud on Taylor continues to be the restaurant I frequently recommend on Taylor Street.  This place maintains enough formality to feel special when you are there but still has a neighborhood feel so that you can go there on a weeknight with kids.

Of course, I would never recommend a restaurant that didn’t have amazing food.  The Rosebud does not disappoint in this department and their portions are very large.  They serve one of my all time favorite salads: The Rosebud Chopped Salad.  Corn, beets, garbanzo beans, fresh Italian cheeses, roasted red peppers, basil, all diced in the most perfect little cubes and tossed with thinly shredded iceberg lettuce and house Italian dressing.  They also have my favorite eggplant parmesan that I have ever had in a restaurant.  They slice that eggplant so thinly, I don’t know how it doesn’t fall apart.  It fries up so beautifully and they pile those thin slices high with marinara sauce and melted cheese.  Additionally, they have very fresh seafood specials, I have really enjoyed their Cioppino.  They also have great Osso Bucco, that really hits the spot on a cold winter night.

I think that The Rosebud on Taylor is a great way to start to get to know Little Italy.  This is why I have chosen it as the subject of my first blog post and hope that you check it out for yourself the next time you want to feel like someone very important.