Gina Joslin, C4C Food and Dining Blogger

Gina “Onesto” Joslin has deep roots in Little Italy.  She lives steps aways from where her father and grandmother were born, she graduated from St. Ignatius College Prep and she has been back in the neighborhood, living and eating, for the last ten years.  Gina has always seen this as a quintessential Chicago neighborhood.  It is literally a crossroads of so many different cultures and backgrounds.  “Walking through the neighborhood, I can see both Chicago’s past and Chicago’s future,”  says Gina.

Gina is a busy mom of two little girls.  On nights when she doesn’t want to cook, you can find her and her family having dinner at Pompeii Pizza.  On a sunny morning you can find her chasing her girls around the fountains at Piazza DiMaggio and picking up ingredients for dinner at Conte di Savoia  On girls night out, you can find Gina and her friends drinking wine and sharing small plates at Davanti Enoteca.  On date night you can find her and her husband at a table for two at Urban Union.  On a Sunday evening you can find Gina and her entire extended family having dinner at Tufano’s.  At any time, you can bet, that you will find Gina thinking about food.  She is excited to be sharing that with the C4C community, revisiting old favorites and discovering new ones.  After all, what really connects communities, but food?